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So I’ve written a review, a guide on terms, and an intro. I just wanted to write what my goal is for this blog. I have a personal goal of releasing two posts a week. One on Wednesday and one on Saturday. One will be a review, and the other one will be about the hobby in general.

I’d like to hear any suggestion on topics or games to review. Since this blog is geared towards family friendly games, I’d like to stay away from solo games. Two player games will still be in the running to review.

Tonight, I got to play a couple games I traded for and picked up at a games flea market. There wasn’t a lot of people there selling, but I added a couple games to my library. Here’s the list of games I added, and I’m excited to try out.

Zooloretto. This is up to 5 players and is a set collection tile placement game. It reminds me of the Roller Coaster Tycoon computer game. But this is animals and vendors.

Zombie Dice. I’ve heard a lot about this game. It’s a press your luck dice game. You’re a zombie and trying to collect 13 brains first.

Bugs & Co. This is a simultaneous play memory game. Everyone is looking to get either matches of 3 or single monsters to get points.

VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game. Yes. This is the full name of this game. I like to just call it VivaJava Dice for sort. This is a press your luck, set collection, dice rolling game. You’re trying to get to 21 points by rolling for different coffee.

3 thoughts on “EATGGames Blog Goals

  1. Those games sound interesting. Zooloretto is one I would love to hear more about (it sounds like Unfair by CMoN to some degree). Zombie Dice is a classic. I don’t have it but I do have Trophy Buck which is the same concept, only around hunting instead.

    In regards to reviews – the blogging sphere of board gamers is awesome because everyone has their own interests. Whatever games you would recommend is a great place to start 🙂


    1. emartindalegames April 22, 2018 — 10:27 am

      Thanks! We played Zooloretto last night as a 2 player game. I want to play it a little more for the review. I think it will shine around the 3-4 players. It was definitely fun though.


  2. My cousins have enjoyed playing Bears vs. Babies. It has unique packaging and ridiculous combinations!


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