Last Mouse Lost Review

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Hey folks, today we are mice. We just finished feasting on some cheese, and we hear a sudden noise. Meow. Time to scatter! Last mouse to their hole loses. The game is called Last Mouse Lost. It’s a children’s abstract strategy game. It’s by Fox Mind games, it’s made for two players, and it takes no more than 5 minutes.


The box is one of those hanging boxes you often see in the toy aisle to maximize shelf space. It’s on the smaller side. In the box, is the silicone game and the rules. That’s it. No small pieces to lose.


The game itself is rather easy. Which is why it’s currently a favorite of my four year old. Here are the rules. On a players turn, they can push down any number of mice from a single row. The player that is left with the last mouse loses. There’s an advanced version where you can only push down mice that are adjacent to others, so if there’s a space in between that’s where you have to stop.


This game is fast and easy to learn. It’s nice and compact and easy to travel. I had a proud dad moment when my son wanted to bring this in the car to play with when we headed out to run errands. Start them gaming young! This strategy game teaches forward thinking. You’ve got to plan out your moves to trap your opponent. This is a great skill to teach kids, and when a game can naturally do that with easy rules it’s a plus. The silicone game piece is nice. It’s easy to push the mice down and once one game is over, you flip the whole game piece over and can start again. The cost of the game wasn’t more than $10. I highly recommend this game for kids 4+. My wife and I enjoyed this game too. It’s quick, back and forth, and you get satisfaction that moment you trap the other person. I highly recommend this game for any family with younger kids.

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  1. can I buy this in England r fast shipping?


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