King of Tokyo: Cybertooth Monster Pack Review

It has seem that in the excitement of Christmas, we threw away the packaging. This picture is from Amazon.

King of Tokyo: Cybertooth

  • Designer: Richard Garfield
  • Publisher: IELLO
  • Players: 2-6
  • Age: 8+
  • Time to Play: 30 Minutes

Hey folks! Back again with a new monster on the block. This time we’re looking at King of Tokyo: Cybertooth. This is an expansion to the game that adds a new monster and a new die. Cybertooth is a robot. While it may seem like Cybertooth is a standard robot, there’s more than meets the eye.


Cybertooth comes with 8 Evolution cards for King of Tokyo, 8 Evolution cards for King of New York, 6 Berserk Tokens, 2 Cybertooth figures, 1 Cybertooth Board, 1 Transformation Card, 1 Berserk Die, and the rules.

If you decided to use Cybertooth, take both the Cybertooth figures and his transformation card. The transformation card lets you transform your saber-toothed catbot between bipedal form and beast form. Before the Buy Powers phase, you can spend 1 energy to transform. Everything is normal in bipedal form. It doesn’t change the game play at all. However, if you decided to transform into the beast form, you get an added bonus and an added hindrance. Beast form allows you to re-roll a single die an additional time during the Dice Roll phase. Pretty nice right! Well, to counteract that bonus you cannot buy any more power up cards while in beast form. You can spend one energy to transform back into you bipedal form before the Buy Power cards phase.

Berserk Die


To set up, set the berserk die off to the side with the 8 berserk tokens. Play the game normally, with the added rule. If you roll 4 or more Paws to resolve, your monster becomes berserk. Place one of the berserk tokens on your monster as a reminder. You can now roll the berserk die during your dice roll phase. You can even re-roll it or set it aside just like the other dice. The die has more chances to attack and collect energy. It also has a skull on the die. When you roll this, you lose one health as you’re berserk and are probably attacking recklessly. When you heal yourself, you come out of berserk mode. Remove the berserk token from your monster.

There you have it. It’s not a lot of additional rules to the game. It’s one monster that plays a little differently and a new die to add more chaos to the game. I absolutely love it. I got this expansion for my son. He loves playing King of Tokyo and loves transforming robots. Cybertooth is a neat addition with the two forms to choose to play. While the beast form allows you to re-roll a single die an additional time, it limits you from buying powers. I feel like this is a fair trade off. This character reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons and Beast Wars: Transformers. I would guess that Cybertooth is a Maximal, but perhaps he’s a Predacron because he’s attacking Tokyo. Totally brings me back to the 90s!


My favorite addition to the game comes in the Berserk die. It rewards players for being more aggressive and it ends when you heal. The results on the die are pretty good too. There is one side that has 2 paws and one side that has 2 energy symbols. Then there is the skull side, which balances the die. When I was playing the game with my son, he ended up getting 6 paws in one turn with his rolls. It was brutal! Then one time, I kept rolling the skulls and losing hearts. I also like that the die is slightly larger than the other dice. It makes it feel that much more brutal to roll.

While this isn’t a necessary expansion to King of Tokyo, it’s one I recommend as a buy with one caveat. You can only transform Cybertooth if you have the King of Tokyo: Power Up expansion. This is listed under King of Tokyo as an expansion, but it should probably be under King of Tokyo: Power Up as an expansion. I couldn’t see someone just buying this expansion before they bought Power Up. With that, I love the addition of the Berserk die and will always be using that in our games. My son, who is age 5 during this review, loves playing with Cybertooth and has claimed him for all future games of King of Tokyo. His favorite part of Cybertooth is that he can transform. I agree. That’s my favorite part of Cybertooth too. This expansion is definitely worth a buy if you like King of Tokyo add adding more content to the base game.

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