Kickstarter Journey: Day 309

Kickstarter Log: Day 309.

It’s been 309 days and 30 updates since I backed Critical Core. A role playing game that focuses on building social skills and something I can use at my job.

With a estimated shipping of December 2019, most would start to worry. It’s 2020, but I’m still understanding. A lot of added stretch goals to write, edit, and prototype.

However, each update email I receive, I get the slightest giddiness in hopes it’s a shipped update. Updates have been fairly regular, with one or two a month. This is far from being forgotten about. You can still tell the creators have a passion to get this project completed.

I am still looking forward to this system. The weeks between updates, I find myself thinking about other games almost to the point of forgetting about this one. Then I get another update, and then start to remember about this one. I don’t want to lose interest in this system, but other things keep coming out. Is this the cult of new? Is this not being patient? What’s the longest you’ve waited for a Kickstarter to be fulfilled? Are you still waiting on one?

I had to look back, and wanted to do more updates with this Kickstarter Log. Last one I did was day 15. Oops. Well, hopefully I won’t have a day 618 next time.

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Journey: Day 309

  1. Still waiting on a game that Kickstarted in November 2014. I’ve kinda given up on that one.


    1. Ouch! Hopefully that wasn’t your first experience on Kickstarter!


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