Did you hear about . . .? This week in news. 2/9/2020

Hey folks! Back again with some new things I’ve found this past week. Once again, I haven’t played any of these, but thought they looked interesting.


Gorilla Marketing

Photo take from Roxley Games website.

This is a new party game that’s being released by Roxley Games. It plays 3-8 players. In this, everyone takes a role of a primate in a ad agency. Each player gets a dry erase marker and a 7 page booklet. Each player gets a different topic based on the same theme. Booklets are passed around,  letter dice are rolled, and players need to come up with a product using the letters that fits the topic.  Once all players have filled out the booklet for each topic, the original owner of the booklet judges the answers. What’s different about this one is that each player is rolling what they are judging on.  But wait! There’s more!  A second round follows and builds on the product created in the first round. Now players are creating slogans for the product. This game is currently up for pre-orders and should be coming out in March.

Photo taken from Roxley Games website.


Imperial Settlers

Photo taken from Portal Games website

Portal Games has announced a lot of content coming for Imperial Settlers in 2020. They have an app coming out for the Roll and Write version of Imperial Settlers. They are coming out with a expansion for the original game.  In this expansion, Rise of Empires, it introduces an open-world campaign for the empires to advance from game to game. Then Empires of the North has a couple expansions coming out. Roman Banners and Barbarin Hordes.  These are coming out sometime in 2020.


Stay Cool

Photo taken from IELLO website.

IELLO is going to be coming out with a game called Stay Cool. This is a party style game.  There are several rounds, and during each round you’ll need to multi-task answering questions. This can be verbally answering questions to the player to your right while simultaneously writing answers to questions asked by the player to your left. One round involves those two things, but then asking for the timer to be flipped before it runs out.  It’s an interesting concept, and I like the feel of stressful games.

Photo taken from IELLO website.

5e Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Drafting, and Enchanting

Photo taken from Nord Games website.

This is a kickstarter that is currently live. The product is a book that details crafting potions, enchanting items, and just crafting items. This one looks like it’s a must get for any DM that has players wanting to craft and create items in their games.

Kickstarter Page


Target Sale

Photo taken from Target website.

This isn’t really news, but Target is currently having a sale on board games. It’s buy two, get one free.  I’ve talked about Target before, and they are still maintaining a hold on better games. In store you can get Disney Villainous, party games, Azul, and some of the more popular games. Online you can get access to some games not sold in stores. It’s worth checking out if you’re going to buy some games.

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