Did you hear about. . .? This week in news. 2/23/2020

Sorry I’m a bit late today.  Word of advice. If the starter to your car looks like this. . .

Notice the wires that have rusted away.

Your car won’t start and it will need to be replaced. So, that’s what I was doing this morning instead of posting some of the things I’ve found this week.


As always, I haven’t played any of these, but they all looked interesting to me.  Well, I’m not being 100% honest with that.  I’ve played one of these, and the other I’ve played the base game.  Let’s jump into it.



Photo taken from Gorinto Kickster Page

Gorinto is currently up on Kickstarter right now and it has 10 days left.  It’s brought to us by Grand Gamers Guild. This is a abstract strategy game that involves tile placement, tile gathering, engine building, and set collection.   I’ve had a chance to play this one and will be writing up a preview for this game later in the week. I played a prototype, but looking at what they want to do with the components, this is going to be one beautiful looking game on the table.


Here’s a link to Gorinto Kickstarter.

Red Dragon Inn – Evil Pooky

Photo taken from Evil Pooky Kickstarter

I’ve been playing a lot of Red Dragon Inn, and been wanting to get more and more characters. Enter in Evil Pooky.  This Kickstarter is brought to us by SlugFest Games. You thought Pooky was vicious enough?  Evil Pooky sounds more vicious and er. . . evil. Evil Pooky is character you can add to your Red Dragon Inn collection.  This character adds even more evil doppelgangers to the game. Our friend The Hungry Gamer has a good video going over Evil Pooky here. <—–

If you’re looking to get into Red Dragon Inn, there are pledges that will get you the base game, regular Pooky, and Evil Pooky.

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter.



Photo take from Deck-O-Dice Kickstarter

Ever get yelled at for rolling your dice too loudly?  Are you a player that fumbles your dice too often?  Do polyhedral physical shapes freak you out?  Well, look no further!  Deck-O-Dice is brought to us by FunDaMental Games.  It’s a deck of cards that’s used to replicate the roll of a die or dice. It comes with a mini-game that uses the deck as well.  It looks interesting and could be a fun break from rolling physical dice.

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter.


Funkoverse – Jaws

Photo taken from Target website

On the Target site, here’s the next expansion for the Funkoverse game.  It’s Jaws.  I haven’t played Funkoverse at all, but it looks like an interesting game using these Funko figures.


Disney Hocus Pocus

Photo taken from Comicbook.com site

This is one of my wife’s favorite movies.  Ravensburger is going to be releasing a board game based on the movie.  I haven’t been able to read much on the game besides you need to defeat the 3 sisters. It sounds like it will be a cooperative game that plays 2-6 players. I first saw this announced here.

Marvel Villainous

Photo taken from Board Game Geek website.

This one is exciting!  I like Disney Villainous, and this one features Marvel villains. Thanos, Hela, and Ultron I believe are confirmed. I’ve read that this game changes the fate deck to a shared deck that all players are using. With as many expansions that Disney Villainous has received, I can see this line going on and on. There are so many Marvel villains.

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