Did you hear about. . .? This week in news 3/4/2020

Hey folks! Sorry I’m a bit late on this post. Back again with some board game news. Once again, these are things I found interesting that are either hitting Kickstarter, coming out soon, or have been announced. This week, We’re setting sail, looking for the last bottle of rum, and hiring a bunch of kids and their dog to looking into some dodos only to turn out it’s that viscount all along!

Let’s start with some of my favorite. Pirates and the open sea!

Forgotten Waters

Photo taken from Plaid Hat Games website.

Plaid Hat Games has announced Forgotten Waters. It’s a part of their Crossroads Game series. It’s a game series that has players working together to try and survive crises and challenges. In Forgotten Waters, players are pirates on a ship that are working on progressing their personal stories along with trying to reach a common goal. The game uses a map board and a book of different locations. It sounds very interesting that the choices you make along the way will change the game play. This is one to watch. It’s estimated retail release is April 10th 2020.

Photo taken from Plaid Hat Games website.

Last Bottle of Rum

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Why break the pirate theme? Lord Raccoon Games currently has their pirate game on Kickstarter right now. In it, you’re playing as an animorphic pirate captain sailing the map, hunting for treature, escaping the kraken, and trying to get the last bottle of rum. In the game, you’re playing cards as your actions, moving around the modular map, and collecting treasure. Each captain has tier own special ability. Check out some of the artwork in the game. Bright and vibrant. Looks great.

Link to Kickstarter here. <—–

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Scooby Doo Betrayal at Mystery Mansion

Photo taken from Avalon Hill website.

First there was Betrayal at House on the Hill. Next was Betrayal at Baulder’s Gate. What’s Avalon Hill’s next obvious step in this series? Scooby Dooby Doo of course! This follows suit of the other betrayal games. It starts out as a cooperative game, and some events might trigger a cooperative outcome. My guess though is the following. One player’s character gets kidnapped and that player takes over as the “monster”. If this sounds weird to you, Betrayal games have different scenarios that come up based on events and item cards that are revealed throughout the game. Usually the player that triggered the scenario is the traitor. That player knows their win condition, and then the other players know their win condition. Then the game turns to one vs. many. This game will take a step back from the difficulty and be geared more for families. This game will be available on May 15th 2020.

Photo taken from Avalon Hill website.

Beasts: Edge of Extinction – Revenge of the Dodos

Photo taken from Kickstarter page

I reviewed the base game, and touched on this expansion. Here. Spoiler alert. I really liked the game. Cute dodos, quick game play, and take that. It’s a great little card game with take that and player elimination. Know what makes player elimination games even better? A way for the players that were eliminated to take revenge on the other players. That’s exactly what this expansion does.  It adds in a way for players eliminated to still play and influence the game.  If you haven’t checked out Beasts: Edge of Extinction yet, this is currently up on Kickstarter here. <——

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.



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