Social Isolation Report Day 3 – King of Tokyo

Day 3 – King of Tokyo

Day 3 of social isolation. I played King of Tokyo with my son. Oddly, he didn’t pick Cybertooth. Instead he chose the panda. It was a quick game of back and forth control over Tokyo.

King of Tokyo is a game that uses Yahtzee style rolling to achieve different actions. You can gain points, heal up, gain energy, or “smack” other monsters.

Energy can be used to but powers. This changes the monster you play from game to game. It also has a added bonus. No school, we got math covered! Last night my son was collecting energy and adding them up to figure out what he could buy. I’d say this is good for a 5 year old.

Math. Check. I wonder what else we can teach using games. Maybe I’ll break out a word game and we can work on spelling.

Day 3 complete. Maybe 20 more.

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