Social Isolation Report Day 5 – Claim

Day 5 – Claim


Day 5 of social isolation. I played Claim. Claim is a two player trick tacking game. You’re trying to get the majority in 3 of the 5 races to win this game.  What’s interesting is that each suit, or race, has a special ability and the game is played in two phases.


Like all trick tacking games, the lead plays a suit, or race in this game, and the other player follows suit. The higher number wins the trick. Each player gets 13 cards in the first phase of the game.  In the first phase, players are playing to win cards for the second phase of the game. Winner of the trick takes the face up card, the loser draws unknown from the deck.

Pesky knights beat goblins no matter what.

In the second phase, when a player wins a trick, they add the cards to their scoring piles. Once all the cards have been played, then it’s time to score each suit. A player wins the race if they have majority. The player with 3 out of the 5 majority wins claim to the kingdom!


I like trick taking games, so a two player one sounded interesting. What was even more interesting was the two phases it was played in and that the first phase you’re playing for your hand in the second phase.  I really enjoyed the art in this one as well.  The doppelgangers are hilarious! They each have a hand drawn mask to blend in. It’s great.


Day 5 complete. Maybe 18 more.

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