Social Isolation Report Day 6 – Spirits of the Wild

Day 6 – Spirits of the Wild


Day 6 of social isolation. I played Spirits of the Wild. Spirits of the Wild is a two player abstract game.  It’s a set collection and hand management game.

Players each have the same set of 6 cards. The add stones to the bowl, take stones from the bowl, refresh your cards, and move the coyote. When you add stones to the bowl, you pull randomly from a bag. When you go to refresh your cards, there are two random cards that have special abilities on them you use first. Then it rotates out to a different one.


Players have the same board, and throughout the game they are placing stones on them.  It’s up to the players what colors they want to go with, but each section has a different requirement. These are things like pairs of colors, different colors, and even full house style.  On top of that, there are these clear spirit stones that double your score when you place them.  However, if you place a spirit stone you end your other placement at that location.


There is also this pesky coyote.  One card lets you move him, then another two when used make the coyote picture. When you make the picture, you get to move the coyote.  What does the coyote do?  Prevents you from placing stones at that location. Quite bothersome if you ask me.


The game ends when there are 5 spirit stones out of the bag. So random game length every time.

Spirits of the wild is a nice and quick abstract game. You can easily play a couple of games within a night.

Day 6 complete. Maybe 17 more.


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