Social Isolation Report Day 8 – Llama

Day 8 – Llama

Day 8 of isolation. I played Llama. This is a card game that’s similar to Uno in that you’re trying to get rid of your cards.

Players each get six cards. One card is flipped over to start the pile to play on top. Each player can do one of three things on their turn.

  • Play a card matching or increasing in number card to the pile.
    • Llama’s count as a 7/0. So they can be played on a 6, and a 1 can be played on top of a llama.
  • Draw a card. This is one if you can’t play, and want to stay in.
  • Fold. If you’ve accepted your cards and don’t want any more.

A round ends when a player has emptied their hand, or when all players fold. When a player empties their hand, they get to put a single chip back. Your score cards left in your hand. You count each number once, so if you have a hand of four 5s, that’s only 5 points. Take that many chips from the supply. There are 1 and 10 point chips. When you put a chip back, it can be a 10 chip. First player to 40 points loses, then the player with the lowest points wins.

Llama is a fun little game. It’s fast and easy to play. I’ve found it scales well. I enjoy it from the minimum player count to the maximum player count.

Day 8 complete. Maybe 15 more.

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