Social Isolation Report Day 10 – Tiny Towns

Day 10 – Tiny Towns

Day 10 of social isolation. I played Tiny Towns with the Fortune expansion. I played this as the solo variant.

In the game, there are resources players pick and put on their player boards. Players take turns choosing a resource. When a player picks a resource, all other players must use the same resource. You then place the resource on an empty spot on your player board.

You use resources to build buildings and claim points at the end of the game.

The placement of your resources on your board matter. Each building has a pattern of resources you need to have on the board before placing a building.

When you place a building, you can put it anywhere within the pattern you used.

Fortune adds coins and new buildings to the mix.

You get coins from the new buildings or creating two or more buildings in a turn.

Coins are extra points at the end of the game or you spend them to change the resource you’re putting on your board.

The solo variant uses a deck of resource cards. You draw 3 and pick one to use for the turn. When you use a card, discard and replace it. Those are the new three you can pick from now.

The game goes until everyone’s board is full and they can’t play any more. This can differ from player to player.

The end of the game you score your city. You go through each building type.

Tiny Towns is a fun game. It’s all about pattern building and combo buildings with each other. It’s up to 6 players, but more importantly if another person has this game you can easily play it over streaming and maintaining social isolation.

Day 10 complete. Maybe 13 more.

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