Social Isolation Report Day 14 – Horrified

Day 14 – Horrified



Day 14 of social isolation. We played Horrified.  It was my wife and son controlling a character and then my daughter and I controlling a character.


Horrified is a cooperative game.  In it, we take different roles and have action points to use every turn based on what character we play. In this game we played with the Mayor and Inspector.


You decide what monsters you want to play against each game.  In the first game, or to make it easier, use two monsters. If you want to up the challenge, you add more monsters.

Each monster has a unique way to defeat them. We played with Dracula and the Wolf Man. To defeat Dracula, you need to first destroy his coffins and then face him head on. To defeat the Wolf Man, you need to find a cure and the give it to him. Once you’ve defeated both monsters, you saved the town! That’s how you win, but what about losing? There are a couple of ways you can lose the game. First is when the terror track gest to the skull. The marker moves up the track each time a monster kills a villager or hero.  The other way is when the monster deck is depleted. So not only do you have to save villagers when trying to defeat the monsters, it’s also under a time crunch.

Turns are pretty easy. You see how many action points you have, then do actions and use them. Then draw from the monster deck and do those actions. Then it’s the next players turn.


Actions – Hero’s Turn

  • Move – Move character to an adjacent space. You can move villagers with you.
  • Guide – Move a villager to or from an adjacent space.
  • Pick Up – Pick up any number of items from your spot.
  • Share – Share items with other heroes on your spot.
  • Advance – Use items to advance defeating a monster.
  • Defeat – When on the same space as a monster, you can use items to defeat it.
  • Special Action – Use the character ability

Perk Cards – You start the game with one, and every time you take a villager to their safe place you draw one. You can use these during your turn and they don’t take an action.


Actions – Monster’s Turn. Draw a card and do the actions. Starting at the top, then going down a card is broken into 3 parts.


  • Items – Number at top. Draw this many items from the bag and place them on the board.
  • Event – This places villagers on the board, or if it’s related to monster you’re playing against you read and do what it says.
  • Monster Strike – Icons of what monsters move and attack. All the monsters that have icons do both actions.
    • Move – Monster
    • Attacks
      • A blank means they miss with the attack.
      • A star means the hero or villager was hit. A hero can survive the attack by discarding items for each hit. If not, then they go to the hospital and the terror track advances. If a villager is attacked, they die. Advance the terror track. If there is a hero and villager on the monster space, the monster targets the hero first.
      • A exclamation mark means the monsters special ability has activated. Just look at the monster card and see.


Play goes on until the end of the game.


So in this game, your managing the villagers, items you collect, and monsters to defeat. All while facing the time clock. This is one of those games that plays on nostalgia. For me, it’s not so much the original movies. It’s the movies like Transylvania 6-5000 and The Monster Squad.  I enjoyed the familiarity of the action points and roles, its like Pandemic. Then it adds in a random items and changes the win conditions. This adds a ton or replay value to the game.


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