COVID-19 and Helping Your Local Game Store

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COVID-19. We’re getting close to 800,000 confirmed cases worldwide and close to 40,000 deaths worldwide.  Like I said in my previous post about the industry and conventions, it’s all about being patient, safe, and understanding. I’m in Michigan, and the social distance guidelines have been extended to April 30th. We’ll probably know more as the time goes on, but one thing is certain.  Unemployment is rising across the world. Some work can be done at home, but for a lot of people the place of work has closed due to the type of work.

Local Game Stores are one type of business that have closed. As an already dying breed of brick and mortar shops, a good game store can be hard to find.  Think of all the people that walk in and  discover the board game community. I’ve read a lot of stories about people walking in and wanting to buy monopoly and then being shown there’s more to games than monopoly and scrabble. I’ll discuss some options to assist your local game stores if you’re still financially fit to explore your board game hobby.


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First, I would contact your local store and see if they are doing online or phone orders.  Some stores are still trying to run as this crisis goes on.  If they are shipping their products out, this is one way to support them.

Gift Cards

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Next, if they aren’t shipping products, and you still want to support them. Contact them. See if you can purchase a gift card if the game you’re looking can wait.  I know we’re in a time of FOMO and the latest greatest games need to be played.  Currently, I’m taking this time to tackle games on my “Shelf of Opportunity.” These are games I still have to play. If you’ve been following my site, I’m on day 17 of a different game each day.

Industry Helping LGS


Next, if you need that new game. Try looking from the company first. GAMA, or the Game Manufacturers Association, released a growing list of the industry leaders that want to give back to the local game stores. A lot of these companies are donating a percentage of final sales back to the store you list.  If you know a game store that has a social media page, and they aren’t fulfilling orders, send them this link. See if it’s something they want to promote during this time.

Link to GAMA Publisher Crisis Incentive

Board Game Geek Market Place


Board Game Geek has reached out to any store that has closed and offered listing their games on the Board Game Geek Market Place. Usually, there is a commission fee when doing this. BGG will be waiving this fee to help out. See if your local game store has set anything up on here. Maybe direct them here as an option.

Link to BGG Announcement on this.

I can’t stress this enough. Shop local when you can. This means when you’re financially fit to do so. If you’re out of work, focus on you and your family. The calling and buying a gift card doesn’t only need to be your local game shop. It can be restaurants, salons, or hardware stores. Support your community.

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