Social Isolation Report Day 17 – Towers of Arkhanos Solo

Day 17 – Towers of Arkhanos Solo

Day 17 of social isolation. I played Towers of Arkhanos with the Dark Tower expansion and solo variant.

The Dark Tower is a expansion that adds goblin meeples and a witch to the game. In the solo variant, the witch plays as the second player.

When drafting dice, the witch picks the lowest numbered die and places it on top of the witches tower. Each floor does something different when the witch places a die on it. It usually involves sending her goblins to your area.

The witch earns prestige when floors are completed in her tower. Then the goblins in other towers will earn her points when it’s scores.

You win the game if you have more prestige than the witch.

For a solo game, this was pretty straight forward. It was easy to follow the drafting rules. Each floor of the witches tower has a different ability. So each new floor I was looking up to see what it did.

Components in the expansion is same quality as the base game. I especially like the goblin meeples. They look mischievous. At the end of the game, any goblins in your area will lose you points.

Day 17 complete. How many more?

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