That’s My Sundae! Review

That’s My Sundae!


  • Designer: Stephen Brieloff
  • Publisher: That’s My Sundae LLC
  • Players: 2-6
  • Ages: 8+ (My 5 year old was able to help and understand the rules.)
  • Time to Play: 15-20 Minutes.


Hey folks. I’m back again with another game review.  Perfect for the end of summer, especially when it’s hot outside.  We’re looking at Sundaes! No, not the day filled with mixed emotions about being the last day of the weekend and a reminder that the workweek is just a a night away. No, we’re going to be playing with ice cream!  We’re trying to build the best cones and race to complete a certain number of cones based on player count each round. This is a take that style card game for 2-6 players and plays in about 20 minutes.



  • 26 Cone Cards
  • 26 Scoop Cards
  • 26 Topping Cards
  • 7 That’s My Sundae Cards
  • 7 Steal Cards
  • 4 Locked Sundae Cards
  • 4 Brain Freeze Cards


Set Up


  1. Shuffle the cards together.
  2. Deal 8 cards to each player.
  3. Place the remaining deck of cards within reach of all players.

Game Play


The game is played over three rounds. Each round is played until one player builds a set number of sundaes. In a 2 player game, it’s 4 sundaes. In a 3-5 player game, it’s 3 sundaes. In a 6 player game, it’s 2 sundaes. When the round ends, score all played cone, scoop, and toppings cards in front of you. The player with the most points at the end of 3 rounds is the winner.

  1. Pick a starting player.
  2. On a players turn, they must do two things.
    1. The can play cards from their hand. Face up in front of you, or to another player.
    2. They can discard a card from their hand to the discard pile.
  3. At the end of a players turn, they draw two cards.
    1. Players will always end their turn with 8 cards in their hand.
    2. If you start your turn with less than 8 cards, draw up to 8.

Card Rules

That That 

Sundae Construction


You must start from the cone up.  It would just be messy and dirty if you threw a scoop of ice cream down and waited to get a cone to put it on.

If your cone is removed, and it supported a scoop and toppings, those are then discarded as it falls to the ground and gets melty and dirty and what not. Same goes with a scoop. If a scoop is removed, then it’s topping is discarded.

Broken Cone – Remove 1 cone from an opponent’s sundae.

Melted Scoop – Remove 1 scoop from an opponent’s sundae.

Ants – Remove 1 topping from an opponent’s sundae.

Locked Sundae – You lock the points value of your sundae. Now it can’t be targeted by opponents.

Steal – Steal a card from another player. To steal a card, you need to be able to place it.

Brain Freeze – Give to an opponent. They skip their next turn.

That’s My Sundae! – Play when someone is targeting your cone with a steal, broken cone, melted scoop, or ants. This counters the card played against you. Brain Freeze can’t be countered.

Final Thoughts

We’ll start with components.  This is a card driven game, and the cards are good quality. They’re not linen finished but have a nice sturdy feel to them.  I don’t have any worries about these wearing down too quickly. I really enjoyed the look of the cones in this game. The scoops and toppings were what you’d expect them to look like. I liked that each of the categories are separate colors. Then the “take that” elements match the color they are targeting. It’s a nice visual cue to what to target.

Now, while I enjoyed the art of the game I felt a little let down. Craving more of a variety of scoops, toppings, and cones. Each category only has three different choices.  Cookie Dough, Mint Chip, and Super Scoop are the ice cream choices.  I would have liked to see more of a variety, but I do understand print runs and making the game easier to print. Then I feel like some of the art work on the action cards could have been more flavorful. Perhaps the Locked Cone could have been a “Dipped” cone.  Does that take away from the game? Let’s look at game play and find out.


I really enjoy card games and games with a take that element. That’s My Sundae is a easy to learn, fast to play game.  I felt the take that in this game was a little on the light side. With saying that, I found this game isn’t overly mean. It’s the right amount to be able to play with your kids and not feel bad about picking on them. I like the back and forth of the targeting components of your cone and countering that with the That’s My Sundae cards.

I liked that you play two cards on your turn and then that’s it. It lets you start cones one one turn, and if you’re luck finish and lock it on the next. Sounds simple enough, but in the actual game play I found it was mixed with who had cones and who was waiting on cones. Sometimes you had obvious choices with what cards to play, and others it was waiting and trying to get a cone to start. Now, it didn’t take too long to get a cone, but some turns you couldn’t do anything.

The game scores three rounds, and the player with the highest score is the winner. I liked that the game scores all your played cards and not just complete cones. This helps players that are struggling to complete their cones. Then, I liked that it’s a race to complete a certain number of cones. It adds that urgency to stop the other players from ending the round.

I think I’m safe to say, most people like ice cream. I also think it’s safe to say most people like card games. This one combines a favorite dessert with cards.  I’ve been in my house for 3 years now, and one of the bonuses of it is the location. I live across the street from a mom and pop ice cream shop.  They have soft serve, hard scoop, malts, their equivalent of a blizzard. My kids love it, and they say that people come over just to go to the ice cream place. That’s mostly true. The other reason people come over is to play games and create memories. I think that That’s My Sundae is a great game to play on hot summer days with family. My son and daughter enjoyed playing it. Each one was able to either play by themselves or “help” another player.  I like that it’s adding your cards together because this also works on math skills with my kids.


That’s My Sundae is available August 21st on Amazon. I’ve received a promo code to share with my readers. Use the promo code NewGame10 to receive 10% off your copy.

Link to That’s My Sundae can be found here.

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