Guess in 10: World of Animals

Hey folks! Back again with another review. This time I was provided a kids game from Spin Master Games. Guess what it’s about. I’ll give you 10 yes or no questions to ask and 2 guesses to get it! Wait, it’s already in the title isn’t it. . . Well then, let’s take a look at Guess in 10.


  • 52 Game Cards
  • 6 Clue Cards
  • Card Holder
  • Instructions

Set Up

  1. Shuffle the game cards and place them in the card holder that’s provided.
  2. Place the card holder horizontally in the box.
  3. Give each player or team 3 clue cards.

Game Play

  1. Youngest player goes first. The starting player is the guesser.
  2. The non-starting player will draw a card from the card holder and reads out the first 2 Buzz Words.
  3. The starting player then gets to ask up to 10 questions that can be answered yes or no.
    1. Ask a question that can be answered by yes or no.
    2. If the question can’t be answered it doesn’t count as one of the 10 questions.
  4. The starting player then gets two guesses to correctly guess the card.
    1. Guess incorrectly and you don’t get to keep the game card.
    2. Guess correctly, you have two choices.
      1. Keep the card and end your turn.
      2. Go for the bonus question and earn a bonus buzz word next time you guess. However, if you get the bonus question wrong you lose the game card.
  5. The first player or team to collect 7 game cards is the winner!

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty simple guessing game. I’d put it in the category of party game due to the nature of it. It’s very clearly geared towards children.

Component wise, you have these nice large cards and clue tokens. They may seem a bit oversized, but I believe it was due to being geared towards kids. My kids didn’t have any issues holding or handling the cards at all. It’s a nice lay out of the cards as well. Each one has the name of the animal, the buzz words, clues, and facts about the animal to help answer questions. Then the bonus questions are at the bottom.

The game is easy to teach and easy to play. I love seeing the wheels turn when the kids are asking questions and I love seeing when something clicks and they guess the right answer. I liked how the bonus questions aren’t always questions but more of a challenge. One was naming 4 animals that name has only 3 letters. The kids really enjoyed it and they really liked the animal theme of this one!

This game builds on socialization, back and forth conversations, and creative thinking. One questions asked was does this animal make bacon? That led to the correct guess and a ton of laughter. It also works on deductive reasoning with what questions were yes or no. It’s a really good game and tool to use with kids, and one I want to bring into my work and play with my kids.

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