Gaming Accessories: Stack-able Crayon Box

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Hey folks, I’m back again with a board game accessory. I’ve touched base before with dollar store Tupperware to organize board game components. Now I’m looking at stack-able crayon boxes from Walmart. I first heard about these on a thread about board games. I’m always looking for better ways to organize and get my games ready to play faster. I had to look more into it.img_20180908_134043736~2981342136941232508..jpg

These stack-able containers are nice a sturdy, and the lids latch shut. This help in case anything accidentally comes undone. What really drew me in was the size of these boxes. The crayon box size fits standard cards. So gone is the day of rubber bands or Ziploc baggies. I can easily sort cards into separate boxes for easy set up.

As I acquire more and more games, I look for better ways to organize them if not tray is included. Sometimes, I luck out and everything fits nice and neatly into the box. Other times, it’s just mostly empty space. That’s where these stack-able boxes come in handy.img_20180905_1113598516964656943356407968.jpg

With Back to School sales going on, I was able to find these at one of the seasonal aisle ends at Walmart. They’re fairly inexpensive, and I’ve found three different sizes.


The smallest size is nice for resources. If you have a game that has a lot of resources, they should fit nicely in here. I was able to split the different resources in Above and Below in a couple of these. If you know the game, the resources range from common to rare. So I just split a container with the rarity of the resource.

The medium sized box is great for standard cards and small cards. Above and Below has a deck of cards for just about everything. The game didn’t come with an insert, so I had to either store rubber band the cards or find another solution. These “crayon” storage boxes fit the bill nicely. Each deck has its own box, or is shared in a box. I did the same with the small worker punch outs.


Th next size is large. These are the pencil cases, but its basically two of the crayon boxes next to each other. I haven’t used too many of these yet. I did find a use for them inside my Zooloretto box. The wooden truck pieces fit nicely inside one of these.

Above and Below all sorted out.

So there you have it, my next find and solution to some board game organization and storage. I’d suggest going out to your Walmart, and looking to see what they have left before they change the seasonal section. I found them near all the back to school stuff and then some by the office supplies. They range from $0.68 to $1.88. The crayon boxes are on sale right not for $0.68 near me. I’ve read they can go down as low as 0.25 depending on the store though. So these are on their way out, I’d head out and grab some soon before you have to wait another year for them.  I highly recommend them for standard sized cards and storing them in the game box.

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