Social Isolation Report – Day 1 Rampage

So, the kids, wife, and I are all out of school and work for at least three weeks. I’m going to try and play a different game each day and do a quick highlight of it here.

Day 1 – Rampage/Terror in Meeple City


This is a dexterity game. You’re flicking your monster around the board, destroying buildings, and eating Meeples. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

On a players turn, they can perform two actions. These include flicking your disc to move, dropping your monster on buildings to destroy them, picking up and throwing vehicles from your monster, and using your super breathe to blow over buildings and meeples.


After these two actions, you eat meeples in your area based on the number of teeth you have left. You lose teeth by moving off the board, having meeples run off the board, or another monster take you out.

At the end of the game, you’ll gain points for floor tiles you collected, sets of meeples you’ve eaten, teeth you’ve knocked out, and hidden goal card you started with.


I love that this game builds a city out of Meeples and tiles. It’s cool to look at, and there are Easter eggs all over the place.


Day 1 complete. Maybe 22 more.

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