Social Isolation Report Day 9 – Rhino Hero

Day 9 – Rhino Hero

Day 9 of isolation. I played Rhino Hero. This is a dexterity card game from HABA. While it’s geared towards kids, I’ve found adults like this game just as much.

In the game, players start the game with 5 roof cards. The winner of the game is the first player to get rid of their roof cards or, and the more likely, a player knocks the tower over. That player loses while the other players rejoice that it wasn’t them.

On a players turn, they build up the walls shown on the previous roof card. Then they select and play a roof card on top. Some of these have abilities like skip the next player, reverse play, next player draws a roof card, or play an additional roof card.

I really like this game. It’s really easy to follow and play. I find any dexterity game that has the potential to fall and make you lose the game extra fun. This is one that the kids like to play as well. During a time where everyone is staying home, it’s important to spend time with family. What better way than playing board games?

Day 9 complete. Maybe 14 more.

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