Did you hear about. . .? This week in news. 6/23/2020

Sorry folks, there’s no excuse for this. I have been slacking on the news front for games. I’m here with a handful of kickstarter and retail board game news. Once again, I haven’t played these. These just looked interesting and something I liked seeing.

Back to the Future: Dice through Time

Photo taken from Target website.

Hey folks, I’ve found a DeLorean. I punched it to 88 miles an hour. There was a loud bang, smoke came out of the engine bay, and but nothing changed. Everything about 2020 is still currently here, but I did find something new at Target.

Photo taken from Target website.

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time is a paradox inducing, space time continumm adventure.  See, Biff stole the DeLorean and it’s up to Marty and Doc, Marty and Doc, Marty and Doc, and Marty and Doc to save the past . . . er future. . . er save the time.


This is a cooperative dice rolling game that each player is controlling a different Doc and Marty. If you cross paths with another Doc and Marty, you create a paradox.  The goal is to pick up and deliver to the correct time and location all the items that Biff stole from around time. This is by Ravensburger who have been hitting the movie genre games out of the park recently!  I can’t wait to give this one a try.


Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

Photo taken from Target website.

Wanted to get into Gloomhaven? Size of the box intimidate you? Well, look no further!  A retail, smaller version to get players started in the Gloomhaven world.  This one looks like it comes with a mission book with different map tiles inside.  I haven’t played any of the Gloomhaven games, but this looks like a good place to start!  If you’re lucky enough to find one, these can be found currently at Target.  I hear they are flying off the shelves though.

Photo taken from Target website.

Crazy Farmers and the Coltures Electriques

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Okay, this one looks interesting! It’s about how Farmers don’t make enough money to support their farm.  Something about farmers living on 42 Euros a month. So, they have gone into show stopping races with their custom tractors. Ultimate Farming Championship, or UFC for short. This game is an area majority game.  The theme alone has me all ears! Get it, ears of corn.


Link to Kickstarter Page Here

Merchants of the Dark Road

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Elf Creek Games comes out with some beautiful looking games with game play to rival the stunning components!  Atlantis Rising is one of my favorite solo games. Well, Merchants of the Dark Road has a couple days left on Kickstarter and look at those components!  You’re a merchant picking up goods, selling them to different towns, hiring heroes to journey with you, and trying to balance your fame with money. This looks like an interesting game with a rondel and dice placement.

Link to Kickstarter Here.

Rubber Duckie Dice Set

Photo taken from Kickstarter page

Speaking of dice, check out these ducks!  Lucky ducks that is!  Okay, if you know me, then you know I love dice. When I was looking on Kickstarter I found these lovely rubber duck dice sets! How perfect for those Druid characters in DnD, or the Wizard that has a familiar that’s a duck. . .either way these are amazing!

Link to Kickstarter here


Shelfie Stacker

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Okay.  I names some new games coming out.  What’s the first thing you do with a fresh of the shelf game?  Is it open it up? Play the game? Read the instructions?  No, not if you’re a gamer’s gamer!  That’s right!  You rearrange your shelf to best display your games.

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Okay, all kidding aside, this looks like a fun meta dice game. You’re building your shelf using dice. The dice represent different types of games and you score points at the end of the game based on your shelf.

Link to Kickstarter here

So there you have it. Some Target games, some Kickstarter games, and some dice!  Until next time, Kickstart responsibly!


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