Did you hear about . . .? This week in news. 6/30/2020

Hey folks, I’m back again with some more news! Once again, unless stated otherwise I haven’t played any of these games. They are ones that I’ve found and look interesting.

Sherwood Bandits

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Ludus Magnus Studio is back again. Sort of. It’s a division of the company that’s looking to release lighter games. Sherwood Bandits you play as a leader of young bandits competing to join the ranks of Robin Hood! How do you do that? By showing you’re good at robbing gold from the Sherrif’s cart.

This is a roll and place game die game. There will be carts each round ready to raid. You’re placing your die on a cart in the hopes that the sum total can take it over.

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Okay, Ludus Magnus Studio comes out with some stunning looking games. Dungeonology has some top notch components. This game looks the same. This one looks like a nice light game of majority control.

Kickstarter page found here.

Fox on the Run

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Fox on the Run by BeeZarre Games is a unique tile flipping game. It’s a team based game for 2-4 players. Each faction has their own winning condition that must be met to end the game. On your turn, you’re exploring the mysterious forest and trying to obtain your goal. When you move onto a face down tile, you flip it over and end your turn on it. When you move onto a flipped over tile, you’re going to continue on the path of the trees. Following the arrows until you’ve reached a tile already traveled or face down.

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

This is a very cat and mouse type of game. You’re trying to out smart your opponent and set up your future turns. The artwork on this one looks warm and inviting. I like that this has you planning your strategy a couple of turns ahead.

Kickstarter page found here.

Roll Player Adventure


Okay, so Roll Player is a game that I really want to play. It’s basically D&D character creation as a dice placement game. You’re building a character and trying to make the best character you can by maxing your points. I love character creation, so that game sounds promising to me.


The next Roll Player game to come out was Lockup. A area majority game where you’re trying to get the most fame. I’ve played this one on solo and really enjoy it.

Fast forward to a couple of Roll Player Expansions and you come to now. Roll Player Adventures. This is a story driven campaign board game. It’s essentially a RPG, but with one benefit that wants me to complete my collection of Roll Player games. This game allows you to integrate your heroes created with Roll Player. How cool is that! A game about making a character. Then a game you can use that hero in! This one looks promising and fun if you’re into D&D or RPGs.

Kickstarter page found here.

Poetry for Neanderthals


Okay, this is probably old news as it’s currently available at Target, but it’s news to me. The company behind Exploding Kittens and Throw Throw Burrito has made their move into word games but with what you would expect from the company.

Poetry for Neanderthals is a game where one player is trying to get their team to guess the word by giving clues. Okay, not too different from the other word games out already. The caveat, you can only speak in one syllable words. Okay, you’ve peaked my interest now! What about the other team? Well one person stands next to you with a “No” stick. What’s a “No” stick? It’s what you use to tell the clue giver “No, you speak no good.” You hit them on the head with it, and they lose points if they speak with more than one syllable. This sounds like a blast to play!

Roar and Write


Okay, this is one that’s sitting on my table ready to review! I’ve played one game so far, and I really enjoyed it. It’s like a Yahtzee plus press your luck. There are 5 ages you play, and each age has 3 rounds. Each round, all players are using the same dice that were rolled to see if they can make offerings to different animal kingdoms. These have all the classic things from Yahtzee plus some. This is currently on Kickstarter, and it’s well on it’s way to funding. Check this one out if you like roll and writes and animals.


Kickstarter page found here.

Wil Wheaton

Okay, this isn’t a board game per say, but he’s one of the reasons I got so into board games. Tabletop was a web series that I highly enjoyed and shows how much fun some of these games can really be.


Well, Wil has made the board games news because Bicycle has just announced he’s going to be their Board Game Ambassador. Wil Wheaton had wanted more and more people to learn about board games and enjoy them as much as he does. Games by Bicycle has been releasing some pretty good board games. I can see them branching out even more, and with the help from Wil exploding onto the board game scene. I can’t wait to see what this will bring to Bicycle and their games.

Link to announcement here.

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