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Hey folks! Back again before the holidays in the states. This time, it’s not a game I’m reviewing a transportation option. That’s right! For a low, low payment, you can leave with a . . . brand . . . . new . . . . bag! That’s right, I’m here reviewing a bag. Not just any bag, but a bag designed for board games. These bags are made by a company called Top Shelf Fun.

Photo borrowed from Top Shelf Fun Facebook page.

Game Hauler is a board game bag that comes in different sizes. It’s by Top Shelf Fun. If you’re like me, and love taking games places, you’ve probably tried a lot of variety of options. I’ve used cardboard boxes, those tote bags from grocery stores, and even plastic bags when dealing with small box games. I always wanted something that was more stable and wouldn’t dent or harm my games. Now, if you’re not a board game enthusiast, this might seem like a strange concept. If you’re a board game enthusiast, then you know that games can be expensive and you’d like to keep them around longer this is a bag for you.

img_20191222_080157526481429350096806569.jpgThe Game Night version has 10mm padding, reinforced stitching and a carrying strap and a handle on top. The bag has a side pocket with a zipper and side netting for extra supplies. This bag zips up using a front flap. So you have the games resting horizontally. This is big if you have games that like to have all the components spill into the box if you store it vertically.


I really like this bag. The main part of the bag can hold four ticket to ride size games. These boxes are 12x12x3 usually. I can easily fit 4 card box sized games in the side pocket. Then in the side netting, you can fit another small card box side game, or like I have in the pictures Zombie Dice. I’ve had this bag for about a year now. I use it on a weekly bases. I absolutely love this bag, and can’t believe I didn’t have it sooner. It’s held up to the weekly use, and the handles are nice a sturdy. I like using the shoulder strap. I even use this for when I got and play Dungeon and Dragons. I can fit the books, my plastic boxes of miniatures, my dice box, terrain pieces all in this bag. So much easier than trying to carry all the different boxed things I have as the DM. Overall it holds the amount of games I can play in a night or my stuff for D&D. It’s an affordable price and will help preserve my games. I can’t recommend this bag enough for any avid gamer on the go. Here is the site for Top Shelf Fun. Here is the page of what retail stores you can find to purchase the bag. I got mine at 2nd and Charles which isn’t listed. It was just by chance I saw it sitting under a table display with RPG books on it. This isn’t a paid or requested review.  It’s one I wanted to share with gamers like myself.  Like I said, I found this by chance, so I thought I’d help others who might be looking for a board game bag. Game Night – Game Hauler costs 39.99.

I’ve mention that this company has 3 other sizes. Here are the bags they currently sell.

Photo borrowed from Top Shelf Fun site.

Tiny Epic Game Haul. This is a bag that’s in collaboration with Gamelyn Games. They make all the Tiny Epic series of games. This bag is blue and yellow, has a clear front flap, and holds 12 Tiny Epic Games. This one is a little limited on what games it carries. However, if you’re a Tiny Epic fan, then I can see you enjoying this bag. This one costs 25. 00

Gateway Tote Bag. This bag is opened top, has padded handles, and a clear side to display your games. You can store up to four Ticket to Ride sized boxes in this tote. While it doesn’t have a front flap, you’ll have to remove the games from the top. Still, storing the games horizontally and being able to show your buddies what your brought is good. This is the cheapest option from the site at 12. 99.

Game Haul Backpack. This backpack has 10mm padding. Reinforced stitching, a shoulder strap, and carry handle. This has two mesh pockets on the side and a top compartment. The main space of this bag holds up to six Ticket to Ride sized boxes. The mesh pockets can old just about anything, and the site suggest player mats can be kept in them. This one retails at 49.99. It’s probably going to be the next bag I purchase.

With the Holidays coming up, and family parties going on, I thought I’d share what I thought of these bags with everyone. It’s one I like to pack and take. Anyone else use a Board Game bag? Do you have other transportation options? Let me know in the comments.

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