Did you hear about . . . ? This week in news. 1/19/2020

Hey folks! It’s Sunday, and I want to try something new with the blog. I want to do a weekly news post. These are things I’ve found this week or new Kickstarters that have started recently.

Disney Villainous – Perfectly Wretched

Photo taken from Target website.

First up, the next expansion to Disney Villainous. This time, the villains are Cruella de Vil, Mother Gothel, and Pete. Cruella is from 101 Dalmatians and Mother Gothel is from Tangled. Pete, such a villainous name. (Sorry if you’re name is Pete, I’m sure you’re not villainous.)

Photo taken from Target website

Pete is from Steamboat Willie (Mickey). It’s not the first villain, second villain, or even last villain I think of when I hear Disney Villains. However, I’m surprised it took this long to get Mickey Mouse in the game. When I first saw photos, I thought they weren’t announcing the last villain, because there was a lack of color to that one side. That’s intentional though and seems fitting. Steamboat Willie was a animated short released in 1928. It’s the first Disney cartoon with synchronized sound and is considered the debut of Mickey Mouse. The short was all in black and white, so it makes sense that the player board and cards are also in black and white.

Photo taken from Target website

Mother Gothel is one I’m excited to see the allies. I’m sure there’s the main characters, but I really excited to see who of the miscreants from the Snuggly Duckling make it into card form. Did I mention at one point, this was my kids favorite Disney film?

Photo taken from Target website.

Lastly, Cruella de Vil makes sense. Now, the game is to be released March 1 2020. Target usually has the game before anyone else, but I’m not sure if that’s changing. Target has an exclusive box sleeve (Sounds right out of Kickstarter playbook) and it looks like the Cruella pawn will be exclusive. I think the only difference on that pawn is the black speckles on the white side.

Dungeons and Dragons – Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

Photo take from DnDBeyond website

I’m a fan of Dungeon and Dragons. I’m a fan of Critical Role. Matt Mercer has such a knack for details, describing the setting, and coming up with great NPCs for his games. Currently, he is the DM for a game that’s streamed every Thursday. This book is coming out March 17 2020 and will highlight his setting for the current campaign he’s built. In the book are new subclasses, monsters, items, and a great starting point for any adventure. I really like that a majority of the art is from the community that are fans of Critical Role.


Hero Forge – Color Printing

Screenshot take from their Kickstarter page.

Next, is a Kickstarter that started this week. It’s got 25 days left on Kickstarter. While I DM my current campaign, a lot of my players have designed and bought miniatures from Hero Forge. I like that when you create a character for Dungeon and Dragons, you have this vision in your mind of what the character looks like. Hero Forge allows you to take your vision and create a miniature to use in the game.

Screenshot take from their Kickstarter page.

This Kickstarter is to add color printing to their business plan. It will allow you to create your hero, select colors, and print it out through them in color. This takes the painting out of the miniature. If you like painting, skip this step. If you don’t like painting, this is for you! Check it out, they’re funded already and are just unlocking stretch goals at this time. Here’s thelink.

That’s the news I’ve found most interesting this week. I’ll be back next week with other things I’ve found. Let me know if I missed anything or your thoughts on these items.

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