Gaming Accessories: Bins

Board Game Accessories: Bins


Chits, bits, component, resource, counter, coins, meeple, or those cardboard things you toss aside after you post your latest “What did I just punch” picture on your favorite Facebook group. A lot of terms for the same things. Some games have very little. Some games have a whole lot. So, what to do with all these things sitting in a lump next to the game board?

Do you just let them sit in a disheveled mess, only to fly everywhere when you’re digging for that wood you just collected? Do you sort them out, just leave them in piles to roll all over the place, fall off the table, and now the cat is batting it around?

In this board game accessory, I’m going to let you know what I do, what I use, and what I’ve heard other people have used to sort and organize these bits while playing games.

Desktop Organizers

These are clear, square, and have rubber feet so they don’t slip and slide around. I found them at my local supermarket. They’re not the cheapest option, but I find that the look the nicest with any game.

Tiny Towns comes to mind with players all reaching for a pile of resources. If you haven’t played that game before, on a players turn they pick a resource, and everyone has to place that resource. So, everyone reaching in the center of the table, digging through the five different resource, and moving things around might be a little chaotic. Sure, you could sort them all to a different pile, and that should do. I like using these bins to help separate and organize the game. I feel like an organized looking game will help teach it to new players and have them come back.

Rubber Muffin Molds

These are cheap and come by the dozen. The bonus to these, if you’re storing the boxes horizontally, they can slip right into the box and really speed up the set up times. Down side, if you find it a con, is that the ones I could find are just pastel colors. While I think this would fit well with games like Wingspan, others might not mesh well on a visual level. You might be able to find these in single colors, or the color combinations might not bother you at all. I haven’t personally used these, but when asking others what they use for bits it came up. It’s a good suggestion and one that I hadn’t even considered.


Zen Bins or Equivalent


These are clear plastic bins. I’ve had some similar bins included in games before. I usually go with a more sturdy option. While these are cheap, and are great for storing the bits inside the box when not in use, I find them a little too flimsy. I often ruin the lids while trying to open them. Not sure if it’s the brand I was using or if it’s an issue across the board. Anyone else open these things like the Hulk opening a can of tuna?


Wooden Bowls


These are elegant and scream sophistication. If you have the right set up, it will look great on your table. They also cost a lot more than the other options. That is unless you can find a good set at a resale shop. I like the look and site of most of these. The thing I’m not digging too much is what to do when not playing a game. If you’re tight on space, this option might not be for you.

So there you have it. Do you use anything different? Does it not matter so much about organization when playing games?

2 thoughts on “Gaming Accessories: Bins

  1. We use little rectangular ceramic soy sauce dishes for most resources and a larger metal (ex-cat food) bowl for anything there is a lot of, usually coins.They were fairly cheap and are definitely durable.

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    1. emartindalegames March 11, 2020 — 6:28 pm

      Good idea!

      I’m always turned off by a messy looking game board and table. Usually when I break out a game to some non-gamers I get some funny looks for my storage solutions and “extras” I pull out.


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