FLGS Highlight: Sundance Cards


Hey folks, I’m back again my first in a series of Friendly Local Game Stores. I recently discovered this store, and it immediately jumped to the top of my FLGS lists. It’s also the furthest from my home, so not so local, but well worth the drive.

Here are questions I’m asking every store I’ll highlight. After the questions, I’ll write a summary of the store and my experience there.

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What’s the name of your shop?

Sundance Cards

Where are you located and what are your hours?

47397 Van Dyke Shelby Twp. MI 48317

(586) 739-9640

Mon & Wed 6 pm-8 pm.

Tue, Thur, Fri & Sat 11 am-8 pm

How long have you been open?

19+ years at this location. We started as a Traveling Convention store in 1993.

Do you have a gaming area in store?

No gaming area.

*I’d like to step in here. They do some game demos in the store at the counter. This is where I first played Zombie Dice.

Do you have a website?

No web site, we have a FB page, Sundance Cards & Games

Link: Facebook Page

Do you sell online and ship orders?

No online sales. We love that personal connection with our fans. We do mail order though. Many of our fans have left this area for better jobs. Some have no B & M game stores where they are and wish to support one. So we do many phone or E-Mail orders monthly.

What sets your store apart from other game stores?

This one is hard to answer without sounding boastful. We think that what we do best is our vast inventory and knowledge of the games and the industry. We also LOVE to do special orders, as we can’t stock every game that exist. But we try real hard.

What got you into the gaming hobby?

We’ve been gamers from early childhood it all started with our maternal grandmother giving us her 1930’s version of Monopoly from there we were hooked. Our preference of game changes by the day & mood and the group we have gathered. The love of games. The need for good game stores and of course an income. What could be better than to love games and love to sell them.

What’s your favorite game mechanic?

Like them all, as long as they’re well crafted and flow smoothly.

What’s your favorite game theme?

Like them all, as long as they’re well crafted and flow smoothly.

What one game, out of production or current, do you think should be in everyone’s board game library?

That’s to hard. Maybe we could narrow it to a hundred.

Lastly, any advice for someone just starting in the board game hobby?

Final advice? Play what you like! And find games that you and your friends & relatives will play also.

Sundance Games

Sundance Cards is a store that’s tucked back off the road. I’ve driven past this store hundreds of times without realizing it was there! Man, I was missing out all those years. It’s down the road from the church I attend and near my second job. It was not until I started a monthly game night that a co-worker suggested I look at this store. They asked if I have ever been there, and I said no. They highly suggested that I stop in, and thought I would like it. So, I did one Wednesday afternoon.

Sundance sells board games, card games, miniatures, and dice. They have a ton of dice!

So, what do I like about this store? Well, in a previous article I talked about liking local game stores to support the community. I also said I like thrift stores due to the thrill of finding games. I feel like this store offers so many games, I get the thrill of finding a game without it being a second hand game. The store isn’t the biggest, but they utilize the space really well. There are so many board games in this store that I haven’t even gone through them all with weekly visits to the store. I’ve found some out of production games that are still at the suggested retail price. Not some crazy Amazon or eBay price. Which is great because there are games I learn about after production has stopped that I still want to play. They will even look up games for you and see if it’s something they can order. Which is nice because then you can support the local community while placing an order that you would have had to make online.

A small glance of some of their selection.

Another thing I like about this store is the conversations that are had. There’s a lot of knowledge of not only board games, but the people behind the board games. What it was like before Asmodee owned Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight Games, Mayfair, and Z-Man games. Tales of conventions past, and information of games to come. It’s always a great experience buying a game from this store. I highly suggest stopping by and supporting this store when you’re in the area.

One of the aisle. As you can see the shelves are packed with games.

1 thought on “FLGS Highlight: Sundance Cards

  1. A store to adore – ran by a family who enjoy the hobby as well as the people who consume it but as a fondness – unlike big retail or lack of stock BnM they are not an unload product , pushy type location ; try human interaction vs click and ship this is a great place


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