Social Isolation Report – Day 2 Yes! Broccoli!

Day 2 of social isolation.  My son has fallen in love with a recent review game I received. Expect a full review coming soon.


Day 2 – Yes! Broccoli!


This is a card game that involves bidding.  Each player gets a set of cards, 1-8. You include 9 if you’re playing with younger kids, and my son insists on it.

Each round, you flip over food cards equal to the number of players.  These can be healthy foods or junk foods. Healthy foods all have a positive number, and the healthier it is the more points you get. Junk foods all have a negative number.


Players are bidding on the order they pick the food cards that are out. If there is a tied number, the card with more broccoli on it wins.


You do this a total of 8, or 9 if playing with 9 bid cards, rounds. You count up all your cards and the player with the highest total wins.


I like how simple this game is to play. What I love about this game, is that my son loves to play it. While cooking dinner, he came running out to the kitchen to say he set up the game and was ready to play. He’s 5 years old. I came out, and sure enough. He had all the bidding cards to each player, cards flipped over and ready to go, and even the more advanced power cards to each player.

Day 2 complete. maybe 21 more.


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